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New gazebo
Memorial Day 2020 Vets section
Memorial Day Gold Star Memorial Day
Memorial Day 2020
New sign installation 3
New sign installation 5
New sign installation 7
New Greenwood Cemetery Sign
New sign with bark and roadway
Greenwood 18
Tilted Monument
Righting a tilted monument
Monument leans no longer
Spring bloom at the cemetery
Roses in Columbarium
Pruning Roses
Cemetery at the end of a dry summer
Woodsmen of the World monument
Variety of Monuments
New monument May 2020
Modern monuments
Basalt monument
Greenwood Cemetery driveway
Young girls enjoying the sun
Chief Comcomly Monument
Chief Comcomly Monument 2
Memorial Day Flags at the cemetery
Greenwood upper drive
Children visit cemetery
View toward Young's Bay
Cemetery monuments
A new bench monument