Greenwood Cemetery:

A place to celebrate memories

From across the country and around the world, people from all walks of life come to Greenwood Cemetery to search, to ponder or to wander. Some come to find an ornament missing from the family tree, or to discover the final resting place of relatives they never met. Others come to honor fallen comrades, or loved ones gone too soon. Some come simply to walk again the halls of history. Come to Greenwood. Walk the gentle slopes of yesterday. Look up...look around...stretch your eyes, your soul. Let the wind in the trees whisper peace to a troubled heart. Let the raindrops mask tears. Let the warmth of the sun help you smile again. Then go, and live more fully.

A Bit About Us

We enjoy the quiet rural setting of Greenwood Cemetery, and the visitors who endure the tales of an Irish storyteller. The smiles of a Scots lassie set many at ease, even in the difficult days that bring them to the cemetery. Teachers by training and cemeterians by experience, we have served local families and global visitors for more than three decades, helping both the sorrowing and the searching. Lending an ear, sharing a hug or a cuppa, as a couple we have worked together to meet the cemetery-related needs, as well as emotional or spiritual needs, of those who come to Greenwood.  

Cemetery Owners

We work together to care for the cemetery and see ourselves as stewards of the area's story written on over a century of stones. If we can help in time of grief, or with pre-planning services, cemetery property or memorial stones, please let us know. We look forward to meeting you.

~Michael and Lynda Leamy

 Saving the Past

Greenwood Cemetery was awarded a grant from the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries to repair, restore, and clean aging, vintage monuments.  The goal of 45 monuments targeted for the restoration efforts was met and exceeded.  To date, 60 vintage monuments have been successfully saved from the ravages of time at Greenwood Cemetery.   To read an article published in The Daily Astorian about the project, please click here  


Gravesite monuments allow future generations a glimpse into the past.  By restoring these monuments, we preserve treasures of information that would otherwise soon be lost or forgotten.  

Please view the videos below.  The first video will be sent to the Commission along with the written report describing the efforts and outstanding results of this project.   The second video was created to announce the grant award and to communicate the scope of the project.  


Cemetery Services

Monuments and Headstones:  Lynda Leamy enjoys working with families to design memorials for loved ones at Greenwood Cemetery.  Partnering with OMStone of Hillsboro, Oregon, Lynda can offer a wide array of stock or personalized designs engraved in granite or embellished with 'glass art' and priced competitively. The difficult decisions of marker type, style, size and personalization can be made easier with an experienced designer.   Please contact Lynda at


Plots: Greenwood Cemetery, while it is a historic pioneer cemetery, is an active full-service cemetery. Spaces are available for purchase in the pioneer section for casket burial. Any full-burial space will accommodate up to six urns for those who choose cremation, with three markers. We will place one or two urns beneath each stone. The pioneer section allows either flat markers or memorials and monuments that stand above lawn level.

The Crestview section is limited to flat markers only, except for designated locations where memorial benches may be placed.

Columbarium: Spaces are also available in designated urn burial areas. For those who prefer above-ground inurnment, niche space is available in the rose garden columbarium. For current prices, please e-mail


Search Greenwood Records Online:  To search online for a specific grave or site availability, please either navigate to the 'Search' page or click here.

Restoration in Angels section Priest
Restoration in Angels section Priest

Restoration completed on the Catholic Priest's vintage monument cross in the Angel's Section at Greenwood Cemetery

Restoration under the holly trees
Restoration under the holly trees

Restoration project of 63 vintage monuments included these under the holly trees at Greenwood Cemetery

Terra Cota Monument
Terra Cota Monument

Unique Terra Cota monument at Greenwood Cemetery

Restoration in Angels section Priest
Restoration in Angels section Priest

Restoration completed on the Catholic Priest's vintage monument cross in the Angel's Section at Greenwood Cemetery


Opportunities for Involvement

Service Projects

Time and nature have taken their toll on on the monuments at Greenwood Cemetery, and preservation is an on-going battle.   We are always looking for groups who wish to help make a real difference by lending their support.  Service groups, schools, and Scout  projects are all invited to learn more about how they may help preserve this vital historical cemetery and her monuments.

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Chief Comcomly monument

We are an Oregon non-profit entity and are grateful for all donations that assist us in providing the services of maintaining the cemetery property and its monuments.   Our immediate needs and goals include:
1. Preparing the cemetery for  Memorial Day.
2. Re-setting sunken, fallen, or displaced monuments. 
3. Maintenance projects for the grounds and monuments.
4. Equipment updates and repair.  
5. Means to promote an increase in community involvement and historical awareness.

6. Data gathering for geo-location of gravesites

The spirits of dearly departed locals will rise for an afternoon of fun history during the annual “Talking Tombstones,” presented by the Clatsop County Historical Society. The free event takes place 1 to 4 p.m., usually on the last Sunday in October at alternating cemeteries in Astoria.  The Historical Society recruits talented community members to prepare vignettes of ten characters each year. The actors stand by the gravestone of the person they have been assigned and, after much research and preparation, that person will be brought back to life in front of small groups who rotate through the cemetery.  “One thing I love about this program is that cemeteries are filled with people, and those people have stories; unless you make a point of telling these stories they will be forgotten,” said McAndrew Burns, the Historical Society’s executive director. “It’s a way to remind people.”  (excerpt from Astoria Coast Weekend)

Talking Tombstones

Two people dressed in period costumes for Talking Tombstones event
"Their bodies and their souls have long since slipped into starlight, but their memories linger like fog around their names. Cemeteries are not where people go when they die.  It's where they go to stay alive."

Johan Mathiesen, Author  

"Mad as the Mist and the Snow"